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Amethysts are used extensively to assist in spiritual healing. These amethyst healing properties support amethyst meaning in that they help the user keep a calm, clear mind to better receive communication and guidance.


  • Endocrine gland function can be improved, resulting in a more efficient production of hormones. Overall emotional balance is often achieved with efficient hormone production, a benefit that goes back to the root of amethyst meaning.
  • Heart function and blood oxygen levels can be improved with amethyst which helps with overall health and wellness. An increase in blood oxygen results in better mental clarity which ties into amethyst meaning.
  • Amethyst soothes and calms neural impulses, facilitating calm, clear thinking in keeping with amethyst meaning.
  • Digestion is improved by connecting with amethyst.
  • Skin health is improved by amethyst, including a reduction in swelling, bruising and the pain associated with these issues.
  • Amethyst helps in the reduction of tension and stress, promoting calm clarity, in keeping with amethyst meaning.
  • Amethyst can be used to improve psychological imbalances and disturbances.
  • Ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus, is improved by wearing amethyst gems.
  • Headaches are reduced by connecting with amethyst. 

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